Bishopsgate Institute

Branding consolidation and development project for a home for ideas and debate, learning and enquiry in the City of London


Bishopsgate Institute was built using funds from charitable endowments made to the parish of St Botolph without Bishopsgate. The original aims of the Institute were to provide a public library, public hall and meeting rooms for people living and working in the City of London to promote lectures, exhibitions and otherwise the advancement of literature, science and the fine arts.

Today it is an inspiring space for people with a thirst for knowledge. Through their library, historic collections, courses and cultural events, they enrich, entertain, and stimulate independent thought in a vibrant city environment.

Two years ago the Institute underwent a rebrand, giving them a new logo, set of colours and bold typographic style. They asked me to help them define this more throughly into a workable system with more flexibility and clear guidance for staff on use. I developed a comprehensive branding book for them alongside a range of templates for their print and digital outputs.