Heritage 2020

A data messaging workshop for the National Trust and Heritage 2020


Heritage 2020 is a cross-sector initiative that brings together over 100 heritage organisations in England. Its acts as an independent advocate for value of heritage to contemporary society. Between them, the organisations involved in H2020 have amassed a huge amount of data and evidence on the value of heritage – economically, socially and culturally. At the moment, much of this data lives in reports and research and is failing to reach wider audience, for whom it has relevance and meaning. Working in partnership with the National Trust, I designed a workshop to:

→ Bring together key data and evidence on heritage
→ Identify key audiences in the Heritage 2020 campaign
→ Match the relevant data and evidence to audience
→ Develop meaningful narratives and messages based on data

I am using the outcomes of the workshop to develop a resource for the historic environment sector. This resource will to help the sector and local volunteers talk to a wider range of audiences about the value of heritage in the UK.