Using open data to put the housing crisis into a local context for gentrifiers in East London


This zine forms part of a set exploring the perceived impacts of gentrification in Forest Gate and was part of my final major project for my masters. I was interested in exploring perception and reality in a gentrifying community. We increasingly use the term gentrification to describe a broad range of urban issues and often miss the opportunity to engage with the wider context in which gentrification exists.

“We live in a world in which the rights of private property and the profit rate trump all other notions of rights ”  

The Right to the City by David Harvey

My research used a data driven approach to uncover share concerns in the community. This zine focuses on affordability and its impact on the diversity – one of the largest themes I uncovered in my research . Using local data it aims to bring the housing crisis into a local context. It covers issues such as social housing, statutory homelessness, tenure splits, luxury developments and the emptiness of terms like ‘affordable homes.’