Rethinking Housing

A workshop exploring the future of property development


The relentless drive by developers to create new accommodation is having an impact on London’s communities. This impact is not always a positive one. Its easy to feel alienated by the scale and bureaucracy of the planning process. It leaves ordinary Londoners with little or no say in how neighbourhoods develop.

On 13th June I ran a workshop with Sahra Hersi – an architectural designer interested in shared spaces, the public realm, community engagement. It formed part of the Antiuniversity Now Festival 2017. in collaboration with Rabbits Road Institute.

The workshop focussed on the future. It brought together residents from all over London, we used data as a starting point to explore new possibilities for property development. We thought about ways to have more meaningful discussions with developers and shape our communities for good.

I am using the outputs of this event to develop a workshop series. Stay tuned. This project is part of my ongoing interest in cities, regeneration and civic participation. You can read about my masters project on gentrification here.