Laura Knight
Laura Knight
Data visualisation designer and teacher

Data visualisation
Designer and teacher



Come and learn how to transform raw data into infographics and interactive visualisations in one of Laura's hands-on workshops 

Visual storytelling using PowerPoint

with Guardian Masterclasses

Explore the power of visual storytelling and use it to create compelling presentations that resonate with your audience at this hands-on evening class with data visualisation expert Laura Knight


Infographic Storytelling

with UAL Short Courses

This introductory course offers an overview of the information design process - how to understand the dataset, frame the story in visual form and tailor it to your audience to maximise the impact of your design.


Data Visualisation: Advanced

with UAL Short Courses

This course has been designed for professionals who have some experience of working with data visualisation and want to deepen their understanding of user centric infographic storytelling approaches and techniques.

Learn online

Study in a small group of like-minded creatives. Develop your skills through weekly hands-on tasks and personal feedback on your work.


Information Design & Data Visualisation

6 weeks with UAL Short Courses

How do we ‘encode’ information so that it communicates clearly? How do you choose the most effective way to visualise your information? This course is for for beginners and will introduce to you the underlying principles of effective information design.


Infographic Design

6 weeks with UAL Short Courses

This course takes you through the process of turning your raw data into a compelling visual story which speaks clearly to your audiences. You will learn how to understand your dataset, develop different narratives for different audiences, frame your story in visual form and tailor it to your audience to maximise the impact of your design.

Current Projects



Subjective Mapping

Engaging the public in creating collaborative, multi-layered maps that visualise their experiences of space, history and community in London. 

National Trust.png

Heritage Data Messaging 

Working with the National Trust and the Heritage 2020 campaign to design a data stroytelling resource for the historic environment sector. 


Visualising the Knowledge

Exploring the Knowledge of London; the rigorous exam taken by London’s black cab drivers - a degree in London that takes an average of four years.



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